farm About the Farm:

Rise and Shine Farm is a small family farm located in Mason County, WV. We focus on small livestock for their low impact on the environment and sustainability. Our goal is to provide the best possible lives for all our livestock, be it our poultry, sheep, dairy goats, or rabbits. Through a combination of access to pasture, safety and thoughtful care and feeding we maintain throughout the production process. Rise and Shine Farm is a labor of love steeped in family tradition.


 map Farm location?

We are located in Mason County, WV


cow Animal and breed?

We raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Texel / Hair sheep cross breeds,  Californian and New Zealand Rabbits.


syringe Any hormones, steroids, antibiotics used?



1473573764_food-drink-13 What the animals eat?

Our sheep and goats get a mixed feed, and locally grown hay, Our chickens are fed non-GMO layer feed and scratch grains. The rabbits are fed a non-GMO pelleted feed and local hay.