farm About the Farm:

We have been raising deer in WV since 2000 and are TB/Bruc accredited/certified as well as 100% CWD testing on all deceased animals.  We are veteran owned and under WV Dept of AG inspection each year.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

 map Farm location?

We are located outside of Ravenswood, WV in Jackson County


cow Animal and breed?

We have Red Deer, Elk & Whitetailed Deer.  What we have been processing is Whitetail, with Red Deer & Elk herds growing for future venison processing.


syringe Any hormones, steroids, antibiotics used?

No growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics are used.  We don’t give our deer any type of medications, wormers or antibiotics.  We rarely touch our deer other than to TB/Bruc test and CWD test all animals once they are dead.


1473573764_food-drink-13 What the animals eat?

We feed hay & grain (oats, soy beans, corn, salt and some molasses) year round as well as what they browse (grass, leaves, etc..) and we feed apples, watermelons, corn stalks, canalope, strawberries etc during months that we can get them.